Few words about us

Unfortunately, a very high % of new businesses go bust within five years and again many of the remainder go bust within the next five years
Our job is to make sure that you become part of the successful ones. We think of ourselves as your extended arm ensuring your brilliant enterprise ideas and commitments become a reality.We want to be extension of your team, offering personalised business services that support your growth. In all we do, our goal is to build trusted relationships through client proximity, providing industry and technology expertise to help you in Europe. Our commitment is to deliver insights you can act on.

India and Europe

We know India and we know Europe and have experience about doing business, politics and more. So when you want to optimize dealing with Europe we are the answer.

Our World

From Stockholm in Sweden (Europe) and New Delhi (India) we perform our work. Through our own people and our networks, we reach out.

You can reach us online

Website, YouTube, online events, WhatsApp, and more options helps you to interact with us when you need to come in contact.

Our people and network

We have business people, advocates, chartered accountants, politicians, main bureaucrats, universities, business organizations, inventors, designers, and so on – so depending on your needs we will help.