Export your products to Europe

The world is changing, and so is India. For a business to survive it must follow and adapt to the changes – and not only that it should in fact make changes in its business strategy, so it becomes MORE SUCCESSFUL. We, our team of Inindi, have experience of doing business both in Europe and in India including buying in India for Europe, and our Indian experience also includes that we had our own factory in India doing exports worldwide for 5 years. So, we have lots of know-how that you can benefit from. India is complex and a mixture of almost everything. But the weak side of Indian export strategies that apply to many, but not all, Indian export companies include:

• Finding a strategy but then, over time, not changing it even if India and the world changes.

• We have met young start-up entrepreneurs having a father and grandfather telling them how to do the business. The father knows how it was done 20 years ago, the grandfather knows how it was 40 years ago – but that’s probably not how to do it today.

• Indian companies often start manufacturing and then do nothing more. In some cases that works fine because the products just sell. But in a changing, developing market and using exporters to export and then importers import to another country and then wholesalers buy from importers in order to sell to shops that in there turn sell to end consumers; is not always a good way of doing it. Such long chains of selling and reselling make the production cost very sensitive for high prices. We can and will, if you want, help you to develop your strategy into something where you get some kind of foot in Europe making production prices less sensitive, plus you can earn from a later step in the chain of buying and selling.

• Indian companies must evaluate what they produce and sell, and not wait for the day when they earn nothing. Product development, thinking different, do it in a different way – we are good at this.


There are many things we can do for you:
• Analyse what you do today and see how it can be developed or changed in order to get better results on the European market.
• Product development and new types of products, some unique
• Help you to establish your own foothold in Europe
• Help you to skip lots of “middlemen”’
• If you have a factory; see how you can get a more even flow of production (order and production handling)
So why not move towards a better and a more sustainable business.


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