We offer Lectures about doing Business in Europe

From time to time we arrange lectures & courses in order to share the knowledge of European way of business with CEOs and Management of the organisations. Various courses for staff at low to medium level are also available so they understand the European culture and become well equipped to take new challanges.
Our General Management and Leadership courses are specifically designed from the European perspective to offer executives, senior leaders, managers and CEOs the opportunity to up skill in fundamental business management areas or step back and refresh their leadership outlook. The flexibility of our offering allows this to be achieved in two or three week or shorter programmes.
How to... business … Do international business

How to run a business in the international business space? India is different from most of the world in business culture. When meeting Europe what challenges are there? Dos and Don’ts. How can you give a good impression in Europe? What can work, and what will have difficulties?

Negotiations in Europe… Handling Europe

Negotiations in Europe. Like India, Europe has several cultures and many languages. Learn more about this. As all countries have their way of negotiation, so do the Europe. Learn the European way to maximize your business deals and goals.

When presenting a product … Do it the right way

When presenting a product, a business idea, or a project in Europe – what to include and how to do it? India, Sweden, France or USA are examples of places where things are done differently compared to each other.

Are you or your employees going to move to Europe… Moving to Europe

Are you or your employees going to move to Europe and want to know about a specific country, select this online lecture and contact us about which country are you interested in. Our lecture is full of information that will describe how the society, people, government agencies, healthcare, residential system etc. work. Who to contact and what benefits are available.

Travelling in Europe

Planning to travel Inside or outside EU, or both. Travelling to different countries. What to think of when planning, booking and travelling in Europe. Where to stay. Food and more.This lecture will give you good insight in how to think before hand and make pre-arrangements to avoid disappointment. Make the most of it is the motive.

Tailor made ....Specific to your needs

Perhaps you need a lecture or course for a specific task or on a special subject. We can arrange it for you. Tell us what you want and we will revert. Individual, or group events on place or online. All is possible. Just give us the details.

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