We identify your European Partners

If you are starting a new project or shall expand a project in India, or somewhere else, and you need someone to invest and work together with you, then we will be pleased to help you. You give us all needed details and we will revert to you with proposals. But your project must be attractive to invest in and have a professional project report before we can do anything. If you want to buy know-how, get help to set up a project, but without starting a joint-venture we will also be happy to help.

Get a joint-venture partner for your business

To make a joint-venture to work several issues need to be right:

  • Both parties must normally invest both capital and know-how/knowledge/experience
  • The project must have a very good potential
  • The project must not have any legal issues that could stop the project from being a success
  • Both sides must appoint management that are on a high level and fully able to handle the project
  • Both parties must be able to cooperate in a good manner. (Some partners to some earlier joint-ventures in India did not pass this criterion!!) So partner must be good in cooperation and avoid conflict making.
  • The project must have both a realistic and reasonable timetable for the implementation of the project
  • You give us your project report and inform us about what you want and we will revert to you with a plan

Today, the world we are living in, new types of projects are interesting to invest in, including: • Projects that solve environmental problems. • Projects that contribute to lower emission of green house gases. Alternative ways of doing things taking this into account. And catching CO2 from the atmosphere and store it underground is also included in this. • Projects that can cut down use of resources, re-use of resources in order to be a part of more sustainable future. • Projects that include circular economy. This means that different activities co-operate in such a way that it creates something that can be used by someone else, recycling, re-use, so that the components lose less value in production. Sounds complicated? Well, think like this: Someone produces plants that becomes fibres that becomes garments and textiles that later can be used via composting to become soil fertilizer that can be used to produce the same type of plants that all begun with – and you have a circle. Circle economy. Just now, and not at least after the pandemy and after UN latest reports on climate and environmental problems, the demand for projects that solve problems instead of creating them are in high demand.

For Joint-Ventures and Know-how we can be your bridge to Europe.

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